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ECS is an experienced and professional partner for all questions and aspects of the conformity assessment of eye- and face-protection devices.

We test, evaluate and certify eye and face protection according to:

  • PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • European harmonized standards
  • International standardised and technical rules, eg., AS/NZS standards, ANSI, CSA or other standards
  • Generally recognized codes of practice (state of the art)
  • Principles of DFG for good scientific practice

For testing, we use the latest and most modern measuring and testing methods.
The certification confirmes to the manufacturer or importer (accordingly to EU: the distributor) that its eye protection product satisfies the essential requirements for health, safety and consumer protection.
The conformity evaluation supports the user by choosing a good and suitable eye protection product.
ECS is testing and certifying any kind of safety glasses with and without a filter effect, passive and actively switching welding filters and screens, laser protection filters, goggles and screens. Likewise, ECS checks the optical properties of sunglasses, sports, skiing and motorcycle goggles.

Overview of additional services

Supplementary, ECS GmbH offers services for the following topics

  • Evaluation of protective measures for laser working places
  • Review of lighting sources, eg., LEDs and the needs for the protection against optical radiation
  • Testing and evaluation of optical products, eg., reading glasses
  • Testing and evaluation of eye protection for personal use, eg., sunglasses, ski goggles, glasses for water sport goggles and diving etc.
  • Pre-shipment inspection of optical components for personal protective equipment